Ship Owning

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Naming ceremony of "Mimmi Schulte"
Bridge "Henrika Schulte"
"Margarete Schulte" at the dry-dock in Hamburg
Ship owning has the longest tradition in the Schulte family and still remains the core business.

Expansion was accelerated at the end of the nineties, and including the newbuildings on order, the number of vessels presently amounts to 90.


- 12 bulk carriers from 33.000 to 57.000 DWT
- 44 container vessels ranging from 1702 to 9.400 TEU
- 6 Gas Tankers of various types between 3,500 cbm and 20,600 cbm
- 2 Crude Oil Tankers of 106,000 / 115,000 tdw
- 11 Product / Chemical Carriers of 12,800 to 25,000 tdw
- 7 Ethylene Tankers of 8,200 to 10,700 tdw
- 5 LNG Carriers of 174.000 to 210,100 cbm
- 2 Con / Ro vessels with stern ramp and 1,500 lane meters
- 2 Windfarm Service Operation Vessels
- GSV (Gas Supply Vessel) Bunker vessel of 5,000 tdw

The majority of the fleet is fully owned. As far as the remainder is concerned, Bernhard Schulte retains a substantive shareholding. In the medium term the policy will be to not only carefully enlarge the existing sectors of shipowning, but also to look at other shipping areas that could fit into the existing system.


BS Treuhand looks after the interests of our investors in the individual ship owning companies from subscription to sale. As trustee it will be the point of contact for all questions relating to the individual investment. They assure a high degree of transparency for the benefit of the investors.